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Cathy Chiba

Connect. Communicate. Engage.

Are you a technical expert with a message to share? A difference to make? Do you want to find better ways to engage your fellow humans? Connect with those who will love what you do?

I’m Cathy Chiba, and I’m here to help. Because love matters. And engagement — real, human connection — is where it starts.

Smart Humans. Smart Technologies. Love Stories.

Engage Your Humans. Make Your Difference.

Will You Make YOUR Difference?


It’s not just stuff.

It’s know-how and expertise — embodied in people, embedded in objects, encoded in processes. It’s a human enterprise, and it is shaped and nurtured by human engagement.


Humans create technology.

Done right, technology can make us better: more connected, more more joyful, more able. More free to grow goodness, kindness, and wonder.

Isn’t this what we strive for?

True Love

True love matters.

For humans, and for the ideas that humans create.

If you’ve created something wonderful, doesn’t it deserve its best chance at love, belonging, and difference it was always meant to make?

So...How Do We Create Love Stories?

The Framework

When you’ve got something to share — whether it’s technology or expertise — it helps if you have a framework for connecting and communicating with the people you’re meant to serve. This is my framework.

Where does everything fit?


Understanding context is key to good communication.  Technology context, market context, human context. Paying attention to context shows that you are listening, and it helps you communicate in a way that helps you be heard.

Light radiating from a fiber optic lamp


When you engage your fellow humans, ask yourself: am I truly connecting? Am I listening, or am I just broadcasting? Do I know what I am actually communicating? Is there anything getting in the way?

Baby playing with toy, focussed.


You engage people in the moment, and it’s possible to get it right, even if you do it wrong. You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to be bulletproof. You don’t have to kill it. You just need to connect. Start the conversation. See where it goes.

Curious? Wonder if I can help?